Got a website?

A small business website has become a practical necessity: businesses from restaurants to legal practices use their website to tell potential customers what their business is all about, and also to deliver information and services to their existing customers.

You probably know that already; most small business owners we talk to tell us "we know we need a site." What many businesses don't realize, however, is that the content of your online home isn't the only thing that gets communicated to potential customers. The way your site looks and how easy it is to use can speak volumes about the quality of service people can expect from you.

The problem most business owners have is that they don't know where to turn next: do you get your cousin's teenage son to do it, she says he'll work for "almost free?" But what happens when six months later you still don't have a website? Or you could pay one of those big web companies or design firms a pile of money to build a site for you. But what do they know or care about your business? And how much will it cost to make simple changes - if they even respond to your requests? Or maybe you just want to do it yourself but don't have the time to learn to wade through HTML code?

We say spend your time doing what you know best: your business. And let us take care of your website.

You'll receive personalized attention and top-notch customer service, and we give our clients' websites the same attention to detail and eye for design that we would give our own business...because it is our business.

Get what you need

When you need a fully-customized site unique to your business, we offer complete design services to get you a top-notch site, online quickly for a reasonable price. We can also build you a beautiful site from a huge selection of professionally-developed site templates and save you a bundle.

Get it online

We can also host your site and handle your domain registration, so you really have a one-stop solution for your entire web presence.

Keep it working

We offer site maintenance worth boasting about: quick turnaround and reasonable pricing have surprised many clients who have come to us from other firms where maintenance was considered unworthy of attention.


Make it grow

As your investment in your site pays off in increased business, you will probably also have lots of ideas for new things to do with it, and we're here to help you out. We can work with any site, whether or not we built it, and add custom programming, new features, content management, and much more for a sensible price.